Addiction Recovery: Seven Great Art Project Ideas

The goal of such art therapy activities is to reflect and analyze your behavior. The letter from the future art therapy ideas. Come up with a fictional written message to yourself from yourself from the future detailing the life you want. The drawing will complement the effect perfectly. Expression through art can help individuals communicate their feelings and take the next steps to recover. It’s known to be therapeutic and supportive in developing self-awareness and exploring emotions.

Document the things and people you are grateful for in the form of a collage using mixed media. Construct a collage of your stress. Using magazines, newspapers, or old books, create a collage using various images to represent your worries and stressors. Decorate a box for a person you wish to forgive. Write the person’s name on a slip of paper and include it inside the box. Decorate the box with nice images and words that represent how you hope to feel by forgiving them.

Art Therapy Ideas for Substance Abuse Recovery and Behavioral Health TenEleven

Draw all of the positive things in your life. Think of all of the things in your life that have helped you in one way or another and draw them. Draw your favorite character traits. Celebrate yourself by drawing representations of all of your good character traits as you see them. Draw yourself as your spirit animal or plant. Use your creativity to draw yourself if you could be an animal or plant.

art therapy for addiction ideas

Pair drawing art therapy ideas. Try to create a drawing or applique together without discussing the topic in advance. Talking during the creative process is Nutrition Guide For Addiction Recovery prohibited. Creating of such therapeutic art projects develops self-regulation, the ability to constructively interact. Walk in the woods art therapy ideas.

How Mood and Emotion Regulation Affect Substance Use Disorder

Spill out on paper with the help of paints all negative emotions in relation to any person or event. This exercise helps to remove negativity and teaches you to understand your emotional state. I’ll give the pain to paper art therapy ideas. Use a straw to blow out your pain. Place diluted watercolor paint in a cocktail straw and blow onto a piece of paper.

Create an art installation of a safe space. Instead of physically building a safe space for yourself, draw your most realistic version of a safe space you would like to go, filled with meaningful, nostalgic objects. Use cardboard or various other materials to create your own stencil for a more personal drawing. Keep your thoughts and creativity flowing by painting on an already wet canvas. Create a portrait series of yourself over time.

Individualized, evidence based treatment, to fit your needs.

Make art based on a quote or poem you like. Quotes and poems have the power to change our moods. Use words to create a visually inspiring piece of art, such as drawing the image the words evoke or sharing the colors you think of. Draw with symbols and shapes. Using lines, shapes, and colors, create images that express your feelings while thinking about why you used the lines, shapes, and colors you did.

Music reveals and unleashes emotions. Play some music that resonates with you and express your feelings through a paintbrush. Get your hands messy and have a good time with finger painting, spreading the paint, creating shapes and blobs and anything that comes to mind.


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