Mentor-provided guidance will help individuals revisit their coping strategies. When the individual feels the urge to consume any substance, they can call the mentor to get the guidance they need. If you are searching for a sober home for yourself or a loved one, it’s helpful to be familiar with the accreditation information and guidelines listed above so you can verify the credibility of a Texas sober living home yourself.

However, mentors don’t diagnose or treat addiction and mental health issues, unlike other mental health experts. An effective method of encouraging individuals to seek out mentorship is by enlightening them on its benefits. Mental health providers should provide a detailed breakdown of how mentorship can help in accountability, guidance, and support.

About Our Sober Mentoring Program

Yes, their activities as part of a sober living staff are technically work, but they choose this work as a way to give back. Thus, 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and even non-substance abuse-related 12-step programs like Overeaters Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous are based on the idea of community and mentorship. Members attend meetings regularly to work with other people who suffer from the same condition.

  • If you need help taking the next step or would like to enroll your teen in treatment, contact us today.
  • He has an amazing gift for becoming friends with just about anyone, and is never afraid to ask for advice.
  • With so many mentors to choose from, a wealth of experience to learn from, and countless people holding you accountable, it is far easier to stay sober.

At The Guest House, we believe that connection is the key to establishing long-term recovery goals. Therefore, if you are struggling to find a sober mentor, we can assist with this. With two locations in West Los Angeles, Design for Recovery is widely viewed as Los Angeles’ preeminent men’s sober living home. As a structured and gender-specific sober living house, Design for Recovery a greater variety of targeted resources and support than other sober living facilities.


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